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Pictures can leave everlasting impressions and have the power to elicit emotions.

Whether you need to breath new life in to your website, planning a flyer, billboards or just need new portraits of your employees – I can bring your story to live the way you want and deserve it. Is it for a studio setup on location or just me and my camera photographing with the available light 


For when still pictures are not enough. Moving images can tell stories differently and also work great in combination with photography.  From interviews and statements, image films to advertising and event coverage – just tell me what story you want to be told.

Whether you want to show your video on social media, on your website or Digital Out of Home screens, the end product and video format can be customized to your needs, .

embrace the grain

Carefully observing the scene, trusting only my instincts while knowing, that there’s limited frames available. From loading the film to the sound of the shutter, the smell of the chemicals to developing the negatives and having something in my hand, that seems to last forever – not much beats good old film photography.

For portraits, corporate or editorial images – if you want that little something that might just give you the extra exposure needed and stand out of the crowd.



Pro Infirmis MakingOf

SUVA MakingOf

Simmentaler Züglete

Food footage

Simmentaler Wildheuete

Sunrise We – MakingOf

Variété Pavé

Color Bar

NT Dirt


The past years as a photographer were a hell of a ride! Mirko was able to travel to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Cambodia, Ecuador, Palestine, Libanon, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and of course many places in Switzerland. He met and photographed people in their darkest hours and the happiest days of their live. While some shootings demand very quick actions and are rather superficial, others need a lot of persuasion to even be able to come close with a camera.

Being a good photographer is rarely only about gear but rather having the ability to connect with people, making them feel comfortable, show empathy and to merge discreetly in the background at given times.

After an apprenticeship in business administration, several months in Southeast Asia, an internship at Migros Magazin and an abandoned study of psychology,  Mirko decided to dedicate his life completely to photography  and film and work as a freelance visual creator.

His clients include, among others, Migros, Migros Magazin, Stories AG, Ernst & Young Switzerland, Weltwoche, Pinkup Dialogmarketing, Raumzuerich GmbH, Blick, Sonntags Blick, Ringier, World Economic Forum, Keystone, Typischmagazin, Fair Factory Gmbh, Sony Music Switzerland, Axel Springer Verlag.

He also won a Globetrotter World Photo award, a 3rd place Spider Award in sports category and a 2nd place in a Hasselblad Junior Contest. Some of his work had been exhibited at Photo07 and Photo13 in Zurich and in Bern at Art Place88.

Mirko is an open minded, curious, reliable and affable photographer for whom photography is not only a job but also his passion.

He lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Als gebürtiger Zürcher spreche ich selbstverständlich auch deutsch 🙂

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