center of hope

Lop Buri / Thailand

Every hour 9 Thai people die from AIDS an 500 get infected with the virus every day. It’s estimated that around one million people have contracted the HIV virus in Thailand and a decrease is not in sight.

In many cases people simply don’t know how to protect themselves against the virus. Medical help is rare, humans are frightened of the disease and a lot of infected carriers are ostracized by the society and even their own families have disowned them. There is a temple north of Bangkok, which is dedicated to help those people. They started of with eight beds and it’s been growing every year and now this refuge can accommodate up to 400 people. At the temple, they get medicine, meals and accommodation and most importantly the temple also offers awareness training for the natives as well as the visiting tourists; it mainly survives from charitable donations.

The will to live is unbelievably huge and if the tell you their own stories and show you pictures from earlier stages in their life they’re just like you and me. It’s almost too hard to believe how this disease can damage a human body and life of a human being.

My deepest respect goes to the employees and the daily work they’re performing in this hospital!!!