Valentin Nikolai Landmann is said to be a brilliant defence lawyer. His diverse clientele ranges from socially marginalised groups to privat bankers and politicians. Alongside his activities as a lawyer, he also wrote several books, teaches law at the university of Lucerne, holds lectures and often can be seen in Hamburg, his home away from home.

Landmann is often seen in TV and newspapers, knows how to polarize, does not mince his words and represents, not seldom media effective, his clients with heart, soul and his “clock tie”.

I want(ed) to know more about this man. Not only his working, but also his private life.
Now I’m working on a photography book about Valentin Landmann and I’m able to accompany him on various occasions.

A small selection of pictures can already be seen here. All of the photos were taken on black & white film, developed at home.