vietnam rising

This is the story of an Asian country in a huge transition, a nation which freed itself from the memories of the war.

Megacities like Ho Chi Minh are booming. Luxury hotels sprout from the ground, hip clubs are crowded every night with hundreds of people and the traffic mayhem is crazier than ever. Mercedes, BMW and even Lamborghinis can be seen regularly in the city, Harley Davidson opened their first representation and McDonald’s wants to have their slice of the pie too.

When talking to the people it quickly becomes clear, that they are not just proud of themselves but also of their country. They want to be taken seriously, work hard on their careers as advertiser, club manager or actor. Many of them come from a wealthy family and therefore have the chance to visit international schools.

Still, the average income in Ho Chi Minh City is around 260 USD/month. The gap between rich and poor is growing and while youngsters walk their poodles in the park and wash their cars in the driveway, others are fighting for their daily existence.

Many thanks to Globetrotter World Photo, for making this series happen!